Dr. Elif Güleç

Dr. Elif Güleç

Dr. Elif She is a graduate of the University of Anatolia in Turkey in 2005, In the Department of Neurosurgery.

She then began working as an assistant to US physician Steven for two years,Where she gained the necessary expertise to perform hair transplants.

Dr. Elif then worked at the American Hospital in Istanbul, Turkey, one of Turkey’s largest and oldest hospitals.

She started in 2008 with hair transplants and has achieved many recent successes in joining ISHRS.

Elif has about 10 years experience in hair transplantation and has achieved good results in 90% of patients.

Dr. Elif always strives to keep up with the latest developments in hair transplantation.

In her work, Dr. Elif is working on four assistants, who were trained professionally and over seven years of joint work.

Dr. Elif relies on her art and experience to conduct her operations, and she always says:

A hair transplant is basically a surgical technique where one’s hair follicle is extracted from a part of the head to the bald site. It is neither just about getting your lost hair back, nor it is about the number of grafts. In fact, hair transplant is all about improving your overall look with the new hair and also about regaining your confidence. On the other words, hair transplant is an art of combining the knowledge of hair and scalp anatomy and the facial proportions. Besides, the skills of a surgeon also play major role to achieve the finest results. This is why hair transplant is considered as “The Fine Art of Hair Surgery”.

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