Diagnosis of hair condition

Hair transplantation in Turkey, Diagnosis of hair condition

Before recommending a specific procedure for hair restoration or initiating this procedure, Clin Medica’s hair restoration doctor will examine the scalp to determine the cause of the hair loss. If the examination indicates that hair loss is a condition other than baldness in males and females, Other diagnostic procedures to detect the cause. In some cases, an underlying condition may need to be treated first before starting the hair restoration process.
Pull hair

Hair removal is a diagnostic procedure used for each patient who complains of an unexplained hair loss. To assess the presence or absence of any abnormality in the hair growth cycle, approximately 25 to 50 hairs are taken from the scalp through a series of gently pulling hair , And a limited number of hairs are usually removed in each pull. When many hairs are withdrawn, this indicates that there is a defect in the hair growth cycle. The hair follicles pulled under the microscope may be examined to assess the hair shaft and hair follicle (hair tip of the hair follicles).
Among the different forms of hair pulling is the optical examination of hair movement and the hair window.
Hair scan – The hair is cut or shaved in the scalp and successive images are taken within 3 to 5 days to determine the hair growth pattern.
Hair Window – Hair is cut or shaved in the scalp area, and hair growth is studied over the next 3 to 30 days.
A defect in the hair growth cycle is not the common cause of hair loss, but it may occur at any age. The main causes of this disorder include disturbance of thyroid hormones, lack of nutrition, side effects of certain drugs, anemia and other systemic diseases, and mental disorders.
Examine the sample of the scalp
A sample of the scalp is performed only when new information is needed to assess the mechanism of hair loss within the follicles. In most cases where hair loss patients are evaluated and ready for hair restoration, scalp surgery is not necessary.
Evaluation hair leg
If a hair shaft or infection is suspected, the hair legs that have been taken from the scalp by pulling the hair are examined under the microscope. Fractures in hair stem, bacterial, fungal, or viral infections can be responsible for hair loss associated with hair loss and fall.
Hair analysis
Hair analysis is a laboratory procedure when there is a need to assess the defect in the hair shaft for detection and is aimed at
1_ There is a change in hair protein due to genetic disorder
2_ swallow medicine or metal contamination. Hair analysis is requested by a physician specializing in hair diseases to determine the cause and mechanism of the hair shaft malfunction.
The test has no value in the diagnosis of systemic disease or nutritional status, as claimed by non-doctors.
Fortunately, most people who want hair restoration are among the 80 million men and women who suffer from typical hair loss in males and females, a simple condition in diagnosis and treatment. There is usually no need for comprehensive diagnostic tests with these easily diagnosing cases . There are other causes of hair loss and it is necessary to evaluate the causes of hair loss before undergoing hair restoration.

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