Choose the best hospital for hair transplant and cosmetic surgery

How to choose a licensed hair transplant clinic in Turkey?

In the past two decades, the hair transplantation of hair has been so difficult that the hair bundles in many pictures were as disturbing as puppets or artificial hair. hair transplantation techniques have developed brilliant, there has become very ways in precision hair transplant, making natural-looking results, so that he is no longer the viewer is able to know that the person in front of him underwent a hair transplant.
Clin Medica is very confident in the natural appearance of our hair transplant nowadays, because hair transplantation has achieved amazing results, and no one can tell if a person is actually hair transplanting or natural hair, and our customers are always proud of us and happy The results they get, and even compare the results they get with the results of operations received by friends in Turkey at other offices, and find a huge difference, and certainly the reason lies in the emergence of many offices that work on the black market, which impersonate medical status and in fact They are not real hospitals and do not contain medicines E real, causing disastrous results often, and cause the emergence of bad marks on the scalp, becoming the subject of hair transplant operations have, it seems completely in an embarrassing situation.
Unfortunately, many customers are seeking cheaper prices, not showing results. Despite the continuous developments over the years in this delicate surgery, there has been a wave of unsuccessful hair transplantation around the world, and those undergoing surgery have become vulnerable. the bad results, including the appearance of scars in the background of the head after taking hair samples for cultivation, as well as the emergence of distortions and imbalance in the hair growth of those areas; as compared to the exact criteria currently used.
Who is to blame for the increasing incidence of unsatisfactory agriculture in recent times? The short answer is: greed and greed … that junior doctors in this area become “assistants” quickly and without licenses, and then engage in the whole surgery under the title of “surgeon”, and this situation is only a real disaster for patients, Caution, not seeking unreasonable prices, the only loser in the end is the patient himself.
Medical tourism: its pros and cons

With the growing numbers of people coming on “therapeutic tourism,” fake hair restoration clinics have flourished in many countries as a way of attracting patients by false promises of a qualified doctor performing hair transplant surgery for excellent prices. Consequently, the results are a disaster on the heads of those who do not The history of the clinic and the doctor before undergoing surgery, and the laws and regulations of the state on qualified to perform hair transplant surgery.
Turkey is one of the most distinguished countries in the field of youth tourism around the world. It has a large number of hair transplant clinics, but unfortunately many of them work in the so-called black market, and there ends with patients (naïve) with failed surgery or serious risks of serious complications of health when succumbing For surgery by technicians in violation of the law and professional ethics, and unfortunately this problem is also possible in all parts of the world, and there is no one area of ​​the world is immune to the fraudsters who claim to have false experiences and cheating patients with false promises and all for the financial gain of morality, Here remains the client’s role in the search and survey on the history of the doctor and the history of the clinic and its successes, and make sure that he delivers his head to a specialist and not just a trainee covetous his money.
The question now is: How do you distinguish legal clinics operated by qualified doctors? The answer to this question may not be easy at all, but clarification requires strong research in the old way, and sometimes the role of the investigator, and the patient should not hesitate to ask about the history of the institution and work and investigate any information in his head before handing him to the doctor, Focuses on the doctor practicing the profession, whether he is a real doctor or just a trainee.
The importance of possessing qualifications and specialization
As with any surgery, there are risks involved in hair transplant surgery, but these risks rarely pose a risk to patients when the surgery is carried out by skilled doctors. Therefore, the trained physician, licensed or licensed medical specialist (such as a nurse or assistant) Doctor) who respects the scope of his license is the only one who performs certain aspects of hair transplant surgery, including pre-surgical diagnostic evaluation and consultation, surgery planning, surgery (including hair re-implantation, ), And management of medical aspects brother Irrigation and associated negative prospects.
The technicians is licensed can not attention to the situation of patients because there is no real or real competence of experience, unlike physicians with long-lasting years of experience, learning and practice necessary to follow up on the well-being of patients undergoing surgery hair transplant process from beginning to end, and the fact that the technicians is licensed who practice those aspects minute hair transplant surgery offer patients at risk of diagnostic error first, and the risk of failure to diagnose disorders of additional hair-related diseases and secondly, the possibility of surgery is already necessary or a list of wrong diagnosis.
Clin Medica believes strongly that these potential risks threaten the safety of patients and the results of treatment. It is known that hair restoration surgery has become very sophisticated, and it is witnessing continuous developments that made it difficult to distinguish after it was performed efficiently. Abnormal limits of hair 

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