Rhinoplasty ClinMedica Turkey-Istanbul

-The shape and size of the nose can have a big impact on the way the face look because the nose is usually one of the first parts of a face that gets noticed , just after the eyes.
-Nose surgery or rhinoplasty is one of the most popular plastic surgery treatments in turkey , it requires acute sense of general aesthetic take between 1.5-2 hours

-All of our plastic surgeons are ISAPS members and are some of the most expierenced in their field and our hospitals are JCI-USA accredited and (A+) rated by the turkish ministry of health.
How is the proredure performed?
-Rhinoplasty can be performed using either an internal or external surgical approach.
-Therefore , there is no evidence of any cuts or scarring showing on the outside of the nose after surgery
-The external (open) approach to nose surgery provides the best exposure to the nose and it is re commended when treating more difficult problems. It leaves a small scar under the nostrils.
Who is the suitable candidate for nose surgery?
1-The person whose nose is too big for his face
2-The person who has a pumb on the bridge of his nose when viewed in profile
3-The one whoes nose is off-center or crooked
4-Genetic factors
5-Childhood accident

Duration of operation:
45 minutes to 1 Hour
hospital stay 1 night

What to expect immediately after surgery?
-Patients leave with a splint placed on the nose , which protects and keeps the structure stable.
-This is worn for 5-8 days
-Packing or silicon tubes may be placed inside the nose during surgery whichbe removed after 3 days after surgery
-Puffines for face or under the eyes
-this will disappear with the first week after the operation.

How long will it be before i can get back to normal life?
-0-6 night stay is recommended in turkey
-most patients can go back to work after 1 week
What is the age of the rhinoplasty operations?
operation maybe done at every age as of 18 years old for the boys and 17 years old for the girls.

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