Clinmedica is one of the leading centers in hair transplantation in Turkey, Istanbul.  The operations are carried using the latest new technologies, by the hands of the best hair transplant doctor in Turkey certified with the American gold standard in hair transplant and plastic surgery JCI-USA

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We pride ourselves in the Clinmedica with our customer testimonials , and we pride ourselves to the quality of our services.

I have been this place They are professional and really good the staff was very helpfull. They know what they are doing about hair trasplant. Clinic is good and clean i really recommend to everbody. Best wishes, ..READ MORE

Waseem Dourbani / (Morocco)

I was referred to clinmedica by a chap called Mike Smith, he has been on point and really has encouraged me to choose Clinmedica because it’s one of the top clinic for Hair transplant in Istanbul. After doing, ..READ MORE

Shak Rahman / (Sweden)

Hi I am jahid hossain. I am from portugal.i was in Turkey from 25th January to 29th January of 2015. I took my hair treatment from “clinmedica clinic”.In before I can’t believe that if I didn’t see that, ..READ MORE

Jahid Hossain / (Italia)

De l’aéroport en passant par l’hôtel jusqu’à la clinique j’ai trouver que dès personne super gentil et serviable!! Rien n’a dire sur la compétence de la clinique que des personne sympathique et surtout , ..READ MORE

Nicola Madursri / (France)

From my dream to have beard I start to find clinic that deserve to start with . After long search I found the shinning planet which is Clinmedica clinic ).
I started the communication with them .They so,..READ MORE

Gaafar Gaafar‎‏ / (Egypt)

A great place with outstanding awards .. they arrange everything for your hair transplant from aeriving in the hotel and every step you do .. I recommend staying for 3 days and 3 nights at least..READ MORE

Mahmoud Noor‎‏ / (Buenos Aires)

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